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Puerto Rico Incentives:

Why choose Puerto Rico?

In order for you to make you decision whether to move you family to a new place, an island or whether to move your operations here to PR. A couple of fact that are important and also better to know is that we are US Citizens
Our first language is Spanish but our second language is English - so you'll be able to communicate.
We are regulated by the same federal laws the follow the US, we have social security administration offices, we have medicate and also we have Army bases here in the island.
We have a good Health System, Veterans Hospital Institution

Tax Incentives

The Incentives Code consolidates various tax decrees, incentives, subsidies, and benefits, including Act 20, the Promotion of Export Services Act, and Act 22, the Act to Promote the Relocation of Individual Investors to Puerto Rico. Act 60 replaces Acts 20 and 22, meaning they are no longer in effect, and all applicants must instead comply with the requirements of Act 60.